The study of numbers is called numerology. This is a branch of the divine science i.e. Astrology. This occult science of numbers is completely based on numbers. This is a complete mathematics and not a tough one. There are only nine numbers in numerology. Numerology can really help the mankind by showing him/her the actual path of the life, by telling him the good or bad events of the life so that one could plan accordingly to have the better results or to avert the causalities of the life or reduce the intensity of the problems.

Suppose you want to buy a car or a house then it can really help you in selecting the suitable or the lucky numbers for the same along with lucky colors and the days on which the transition of the same should take place. In this connection all you need to know is your lucky number.

Nothing is beyond the numbers or beyond the grips of the planets. You yourself will feel how the numbers play an important role in your life .You can get set the letters of your name as per your date of birth and can have peace, harmony and better results in the life because all the letters of the alphabet have been given a numerological value. The planets have their identity in numbers too.

By using and applying this knowledge of numerology properly, even the unsuccessful can be successful. To the already successful it will bring further success and to one and all it will bring a new interest in life, and a higher conception of life.

Numerology is an occult science that helps to predict a person's character, future events, luck, auspicious and inauspicious times and many more by working on the name and date of birth of a person. Is your name in harmony with your ruling number? You can know here now.

Numerology is a branch of science that opens doors in your psyche and allows you to understand you better and the world around you. It is a practical method to understand your deeper self, your hidden characteristics, your talents and abilities, your strengths and weaknesses and at the same time offers practical advice in all the spheres of life be it carrier, romance, health or relationships.

The most important number in numerology is based on the date of your birth. It can be arrived at by adding the date, month and year of your birth by reducing it to a single digit number.

For example, if someone is born on 18.April, 1981 i.e. on 18-04-1981. Now to derive the one single ruling number for the person, we will write like this 1+8+0+4+1+9+8+1=32. Now add 3+2=5. Number 5 is the ruling number for the person.No.5 is the numerological value of planet Mercury. So, Mercury will be the ruling planet for the person.

This ancient Chaldean and Hebrew alphabet sets out the number or value of each letter. It is the best system I know to find out the ruling number of the person. If the total number of the name and date of birth comes out to the same number than we can say that the name number and the date of birth number both are in harmony and therefore will be good for the person. If the name of the person is LLOYD MACDONALD; born on 18-04-1981. His numbers are as follows: (l=3) +(l=3) +(O=7)+(y=1) +(d=4) =18 or 1+8=9 and now (M=4)+(A=1)+(c=3)+(D=4)+ (O=7)+(N=5)+(a=1)+9 + (L=3)+(D=4)=32 or 3+2=5. Now add 5 of Lloyd and 9 of Macdonald the total is 5. This is the same number as of the Date of Birth. The Hebrew had given the value for each alphabet is this: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=8, G=3, H=5, I=1, J=1, K=2, L=3, M=4, N=5, O=7, P=8, Q=1, R=2, S=3, T=4, U=6, V=6, W=6, X=5, Y=1, Z=7.

Week days are given numbers which are as follows:

Sunday-------------------1and 4







Accordingly, numbers are also given to the Planets which are as follows:











Accordingly you can calculate lucky number for your lucky car lucky city, lucky racing number, lucky lottery number, lucky house numbered. But this is even not a trailer of numerology. There are such numbers like 4 and 8 which should not be considered auspicious as far as for the future events are concerned. Here we advice to try on some another number. Everything can not be put in this essay so if you have any curiosity in this regard then contact me my e-mail ID is parendersethi@gmail.com.

There is compound number also. The person born on 18-04-1981 has 32 his compound number. The compound number has different meaning.

Everything can not be explained here. I will explain you free of any charge when you order the in-depth on-line astro-palm reading.

The description for compound number 32 is this: This number has a magical power like the single 5 or the compound number 14, or 23.It is usually associated with combinations of people or nations.It is a fortunate number if the person it represents holds to his own judgement and opinion; if not, his plans are likely to become wrecked by the stubbornness and stupidity of others . It is a favorable number if it appears in connection with future events.

Number 1 is the most independent number. If you have No. 1 as your life path no. you are a born leader, are unique and individualistic, have drive and determination, ambitious and goal oriented and highly energetic. you are also domineer in demand for respect, want to be in the limelight, do not take criticism kindly and are stressed due to your over driven nature. You should guard against anger, aggression, over generous behavior and overconfidence in order to achieve much success in life through your unique talents and abilities.

Number 2 is the most humble, sensitive, diplomatic and tactful. If you have no. 2 as your life path number, you are patient, cooperative, create harmony amidst diversity. You enjoy music, appreciate beauty, are vulnerable, hurt easily, can not handle criticism, do not like confrontations and are vulnerable due to your extreme sensitivity. You are often the power behind the throne and shy of the limelight. Though you do not get the full recognition of your work or efforts, you should not brood and should recognize your role as the peacemaker, the healer, the loving companion, the perfectionist with an excellent taste and the homemaker. Teaching, healing or careers in music are best suited for you.

Number 3 as a life path number, you are creative, motivating, have a gift of self-expression and have artistic talents. Most writers, poets, musicians have number 3 as their life path number. You are playful, happy go lucky, outward moving, center of attraction at any gathering but you also lack discipline, are too generous, disorganized, emotional and vulnerable, easily hurt and at times depressed. If used correctly your talent of self-expression can be a great force to bring success and happiness in your life.

Number 4 as your life path number is the most practical and down to earth with strong ideas about right and wrong. People with number 4 as life path number are orderly, systematic, methodical and reliable. They are honest, dependable and have a sense of justice, are loyal in love and at times rigid in ideas. You will succeed in banking, accounting, and management, building or legal profession. You should guard against being too rigid, rude, or bossy or strict to your own definition of justice.

Number 5 is most dynamic of all numbers. You are versatile, persuasive, an explorer, quick witted and adaptable, adventurous and above all you love travel, and you like change, make friends easily, have good taste in food, sex and love sensual pleasures. You lack order and discipline and abuse your freedom by overindulging in food or sex. With your multi talents, you should be successful if you have discipline and work hard and learn the true meaning of freedom.

Number 6 is the most loving of all numbers. It is harmonious with all other numbers and is committed, caring, systematic, nurturing, responsible and self sacrificing. You are a healer, comforter and lend your shoulders to others to cry on. You are family oriented, helpful to those in need, concerned for the poor and downtrodden. You try to create harmony in the family or groups, are full of warmth, generous, kind and attractive. Suitable vocations for you are healing, teaching, hospitality, govt. institutions, or social organizations. You should be careful not to carry the burden of others on your shoulders or think of yourself as savior of the word. You should also not suppress your talents due to your willingness to help or sacrifice for others.

Number 7 is most spiritual of all numbers. You are the seeker of truth, analytical, contemplative and meditative. You seek answers to the unknown mysteries of the life, possess a fine mind, and are analytical thinker and an intellectual. You love solitude but you should guard against being too withdrawn otherwise you may become cynical or depressed. Social contact is necessary for you to give you a perspective on yourself or your life. You should be open to others while maintaining your independence and intellectualism. You can be successful in business, insurance invention, occult or research.

Number 8 is the most result oriented of all the numbers. It represents natural leadership and a balance between material and spiritual word. You are ambitious, powerful, have great talent for management, accumulate great wealth, a businessman with big plan using money as a tool, a visionary. You achieve great financial success and you challenge in life is to achieve detachment and to understand that power and money should be used for the benefit of mankind. Suitable vocations would be business, finance, real estate, management or publishing. You should guard against being greedy, impatient, self-importance, stubborn, arrogance, domineering and hurting most of the people you love& your family and friends.

Number 9 is the most humanitarian of all numbers. You are philanthropic, sacrificing, socially conscious, deeply concerned about the world. You are a utopian who gets satisfaction out of sacrificing money, time, and energy for a better world. You are egalitarian, imaginative a dreamer and creative. Your abilities can lead you to vocations such as photography, interior decoration and art. And because of your strong social consciousness, you can be successful as lawyer, judge, teacher or politician. You are easily disappointed with realities of life and the imperfections. Shortcomings of the world drive you to constantly try to improve upon it and are easily dissatisfied with the results. You should be objective and realize your limitations. You should guard against moodiness or becoming aloof or withdrawn. You should be honest to yourself and examine the life objectively facing your shortcomings as well as strengths and create a balance to be happy in life.


The source for the descriptions of different numbers is: wikipedia.



Raashi Legend:

Mesh- Aries
Mithun- Gemini

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