My View About Palmistry

The practice or art of examining the lines on the palm as well as analyzing the formation of the hand itself is called palmistry. You can know your present, past or future by reading and understanding them. This is a wonderful gift to every person from God to know and understand oneself which we say human hand.  This is a kind of horoscope. In my opinion these lines are nature’s given marks which no body can steal or tear it like a paper nor these could be removed or erased.  In the original Hebrew of the book of job (chapter xxxvii, vol. 7) we find these significant words “God caused signs or seals on the hands of all the sons of men that the sons of men know their work”.  Palmistry helps us to know and understand the meanings of these signs or seals on the hands caused by God to know our work.

From centuries the human hand is the most fascinating and powerful implement to identify the human behaviour and character especially in India and China.West had done  good research work on the subject.

Its deep study helps us to know ourselves, understand ourselves in a better way and decide for what profession, line or work is best suited for us. And it is very rightly said that the blessed is the person who has found his work ask him no further blessedness, because, I think then the person would be working in harmony with God’s will and to be with God means Heaven.

The study of Palmistry aims to promote and encourage the true understanding of the self, realization and development of personal potential and utilization of personal and spiritual resources to overcome our problems.

Palmistry does not involve the study of lines on the palm alone, but also includes the study of the shape of hands, fingers, nails, mounts, their patterns and other formations, which appear on the palms and fingers. I examine and analyze all this most carefully and predict accordingly. As all other forms of science, palmistry can also help to single out specific problems related to health and mind, thus helping people find permanent solutions too many of their problems. Palmistry is the art and science of self discovery 

The Lines on our palms are changed gradually as we change our attitude and act accordingly. “Our present is the result of all our yesterdays, and the future depends on how well we live today.”  – Sanskrit Verse

 I firmly believe that these lines on the palm are God’s orders firmly marked which a person brings with his or her birth. Science has proved that these lines are created on our hand much before we were born.

 The muscular pads that are found on the palm are called the mounts. The mounts on the palm as well as the lines on the palm are too formed by the mind acting under the influence of the planets as how we react to the outer world. They are definitely not formed by hand work. Many laborers have flat mounts while intellectuals often have well developed mounts. It gives the power and confidence to the person to react and response appropriately to the mischief of people. However, a good Head Line is necessary to guide the person properly.

Small handed people do things on a big level indicate broad ideas are quick action; people with big hands demand fine detail where very long hands denote a mania for detail and are usually slowest among all. But, remember it is relevant to our overall body size.

Look the fingers. If they lie close together it shows a stable employee. But if these are found wide apart it shows love of independence and this employee may cause problems for the employer.

Our left hand shows that with what properties we came into this world and our right hand shows what we have done to these properties and estimate as what will be the outcome of ours doing so in the time to come. By studying both hands we can recognize the traceable link between our past behavioral patterns and our present personality, thoughts and experiences. With this understanding, we can shape our future in a constructive, fulfilling way, making positive choices regarding our work, our dealings with people around us, and many other important aspects of life. Left hand shows the nature’s plan for us and the right hand shows what happened to the nature’s plan and what will happen in future; for the right hand dominate person. So, while analyzing the hand of a person we must consider the other hand too.

Everything is being an idea only in the first place. We then act on the idea, these acts becomes our habit, this habit becomes our nature or pattern of behavior, this behavior becomes our character and it has been said so often that “Character is Destiny”, if it is so, than we can know our major characteristics by following the rules of this science and hence obtain a clear idea of the destiny that the character, will and individuality has traced out in advance for us.

By taking up this study as a useful and practical means of obtaining an exact judgment of the character, qualities and hidden tendencies, we can benefit in many ways, and that might otherwise be ignored and therefore loosing chance to know ourselves and our potentialities. I am sure and say with full confidence that if all the parents take some trouble to know Palmistry, then their children would be more usefully trained as per their natural propensity and inclination. This would make the children more efficient and powerful and successful in their repective field. 

 The lines on the palm changes according to the change of the mental attitude of a subject. Accordingly, changes in the lines on the hand of a person response to the change in the person’s thinking, acts, and health conditions. In other words the brain produces controls or changes the lines on the palm. These lines on the palm are the reflections of a person’s brain and attitude as how he or she reacts to the outer hand. In this way, we can know not only what has happened to the subject in the past, but can estimate the future too as what will happen and as how the person will response to the given circumstances.

Raashi Legend:

Mesh- Aries
Mithun- Gemini

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